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Calameo Downloader

The best Calameo Downloader on the internet. We use A.I. technology to detect the content and get the document from open libraries for you.

Notice: Our Service allowed to download the documents from studocu for public access and eductional purposes only.

How to Use?

With our Calameo Downloader is really easy to use. You can download .pdf and any other sort of documents as much as you want.
So, for downloading your favourite documents please see the instructions below: -

  1. First, go to the Calameo official site and copy the URL of that document which document you want to download
  2. Then, go to the free Calameo Downloader Online Tool
  3. Paste the URL and Click "Get Link" Button
  4. After that you will be redirect to another page
  5. Then click on I am not a Robot
  6. Click on Download PDF
  7. Now, you will see the many options like Download as PDF, Download as Original PDF or Download as DOCX, Download as PPTX
  8. Now, choose the options whatever you want
  9. That's it! Downloading will start in few seconds.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Calameo?

Calaméo is a French online hosting and publishing service that allows you to store and share documents such as brochures, magazines, graphic presentations which are often heavy files and therefore difficult to share on a website.

What is Calameo Downloader?

Calameo Downloader is a free online tool for downloading in like PDF, word, excel, power point, ePub formats or Download any Documents in one click quickly for free.

What is Price of Calameo?

Calameo offers Premium or Platinum accounts at $12 and $48/month respectively, which alone allows for white label publishing.

Who are Calaméo Users?

There are two types of users: on the one hand professionals who disseminate their content in a targeted manner thanks to a well-defined strategy, and on the other the general public who share more personal content (cooking recipes, family photos, school notebooks, etc.).

How To use the Calameo Platform?

Calaméo is actually a user-driven and user-edited platform. Everyone has an account to which they can add publications that they choose to keep public or private, and therefore accessible to a limited number of users (subscribers, guests, etc.).

What are the Format used by Calamo?

PDF is a format that Calameo recommend because it remains very stable. Calameo accept different types of source formats like word, excel, power point, etc. Currently, the ePub format is still too fluid in its acceptance. It is a format that is not fixed and has the ability to adapt to different reading media. Calaméo currently only offers fixed, zoomable and homothetic formats when the zoom percentage is increased.